2B Green Farms
An aerial view of a house with a solar panel on the roof.

2B Green Farms Goes Solar

Project Overview

  • Location: Valencia, CA
  • Year Installed: 2016
  • System Size: 24.9kw
  • Employees: 30
  • Panels Used: 76 Sunpower 327's panels
  • Projected Savings: $679,932 over 25 years

A Perfect Partnership

Seeking craftsman-level skill for the restoration of the roof as well the solar installation, 2BGreen trusted Green Convergence to carry out the project. Going solar will play a key part of the farm’s business plan. The powerful SunPower panels will reduce the farm’s energy consumption to zero and enable it to limit its carbon footprint. By meeting is power needs and generating significant savings, 2B Green Farms will enjoy profitability in the agriculture industry and expand its business with new growing technologies in the future.

A solar panel array with a palm tree in the background.

An Eco-Friendly Vendor

2B Green Farms is a ten-acre avocado farm along the scenic CA-126 committed to protecting the environment. The delicious avocados are grown without any herbicides or pesticides, handpicked to ensure freshness, and delivered right to the customers’ door. Owners Eric and Patti have installed impressive irrigation and Aquaponics systems, taking advantage of the farm’s biodiversity. Because of the farm’s extensive energy needs, the owners wanted to be as energy efficient as possible.

Quote From the Owner

“2B Green is all about saving the environment, and we grow with that in mind.”

Read Our Rave Reviews

Green Convergence has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can help you go solar.

My experience with Green Convergence was excellent. I would absolutely recommend Green Convergence. I have already done so to many people.

Brian B.

They gave me a detailed estimate, explained anything I did not understand, and kept within the estimated cost, even when they had to make some adjustments due to changing Fire Dept regulations. I had them remove an old solar system, replace the roof on my current house and install a new battery storage system.

Judy R.

They were not only on time but early. The crew repaired my roof and you can’t see where the repair was done. They also installed solar panels and an EV charger in my garage. They kept me posted on all the progress. Even painted the conduit to match my house.

Mary S.

This company was very informative and professional with excellent communication throughout the process. The solar installation was very thorough and efficient. Green Convergence exceeded my expectations.

Frank S.

By far the best solar in the business. Best quality, best warranty. Very professional install by licensed roofers. Panels blend seamlessly with our tile roof and actually look very attractive. System works flawlessly and is easy to track with the app.

Jennifer R.

I could write all day about my amazing experience. The entire team of people I interacted with were all friendly, patient and frankly perfect. The job was complex and big. I cant recomend this company enough. So stop searching, you have stumbled onto the best installer in southern california. Achieve piece of mind and use them.


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