April 8, 2020

Save On Energy Costs With A Solar Storage System

Energy costs will go up as people stay at home and practice social distancing

In the past few months, there have been many rapid changes throughout the world. One thing that will also change is your energy bill. You can expect your energy costs to go up if you or your family stays home to practice social distancing. If you want to avoid paying higher than average energy bills in the coming months, it is time to find ways to save energy. Learn how a solar storage system will save you money in energy costs in Woodland Hills, CA.

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The Rising Cost of Energy

As federal, state, and local agencies recommend that we practice social distancing, more people are spending all of their time indoors. One unexpected consequence of this is that energy bills will become higher as more energy is consumed. With adults telecommuting to work and children attending online classes, computers will be on and used consistently. When cell phones might have been charged in the car during commute time, now they are electricity vampires at home. The lights will remain on as well as the heater or the AC depending on the climate, further increasing your energy usage than what it usually is. In this time of financial uncertainty, it is essential that you cut costs where you can. One way to do this is to reduce your energy bill.

How to Save Energy

There are many things you can do today to start saving energy. Instead of using a desktop to telecommute or attend online classes, use a laptop, which uses less energy. Power strips prevent your devices from using up energy when they are not on. Run appliances during off-peak times to save on energy costs, especially if you invest in Energy Star Label appliances. Finally, the most obvious thing to do is turn things off when not using them. This may seem obvious, but many people forget to do this, which leads to substantial waste.

The Best Way to Save Energy

The best way to save energy in the long term is to invest in a solar storage system. Not only does California offer significant tax rebates for the installation costs, but you will also consume less energy from the grid and therefore spend less on monthly energy costs. Your storage system will store extra energy throughout the day so you can use it during peak hours and avoid paying the higher accounts during peak time. There are more benefits to solar besides saving money. Solar power is more environmentally friendly than traditional power, and you will be less dependent on the grid during blackouts.

A financed system with no money down means solar is a cost saver, not a new expense. It’s important to remember that the electric bill will keep coming, regardless of any action you take now. By installing a solar array with battery backup now, you can get your home energy independent before the summer heat raises electricity costs even more.

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