January 4, 2024

Top 5 Industries Powered by Net Energy Metering Aggregation

From Agriculture to Technology, NEM-A Reshapes Energy Landscape Across Diverse Sectors

As the world embraces the shift towards sustainable energy solutions, industries are exploring innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and cut energy costs. Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM-A) has emerged as a powerful tool for various sectors, allowing businesses to optimize their solar investments and contribute to a greener future.

What is Net Energy Metering Aggregation?

Net Metering is where a utility credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. Aggregation allows the system owner to share those credits on multiple meters among all property that is attached, adjacent, or contiguous to the generation facility.

The Top 5 Industries for Net Metering Aggregation

1. Agricultural Enterprises

The agricultural sector, a backbone of California's economy, often operates across vast expanses of land with diverse energy needs. NEM-A enables farms and processing facilities to harness the sun's energy efficiently. Solar installations can power irrigation systems, machinery, and processing operations, offering substantial cost savings and reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.

Aerial View of an avocado farm with a rooftop solar system.

Pictured: 2B Green Farms

2. Healthcare Organizations

Hospitals and healthcare facilities, known for their critical and continuous energy needs, can leverage NEM-A to power life-saving equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting. With multiple buildings and round-the-clock operations, these organizations can reduce energy costs significantly and enhance their resilience to power disruptions to remain safe and available for emergency services.

3. Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities with sprawling campuses can benefit from NEM-A to optimize their energy consumption. Solar installations can power classrooms, laboratories, and administrative buildings, contributing to the institution's commitment to sustainability. The cost savings achieved through NEM-A can be redirected toward enhancing educational programs and facilities.

Pictured: Glendale USD

4. Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses are inherently energy-intensive, with operations running 24/7. NEM-A allows these establishments to offset the energy consumption of various facilities, including guest rooms, restaurants, and recreational areas. The flexibility of aggregating solar energy credits ensures a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to powering the hospitality industry.

5. Technology & Data Centers

The technology and data center industry, characterized by energy-intensive operations, benefits immensely from NEM-A. These facilities can optimize energy consumption by offsetting their usage with solar energy credits. NEM-A enhances the sustainability of data centers, aligning with the industry's commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a greener, more efficient digital infrastructure.

How to get started

To take advantage of this transformative movement, businesses should collaborate with the right solar partners like Green Convergence to seamlessly implement NEM-A solutions.

Given our proven development history of multiple commercial projects, we will handle various processes on your behalf, including the application, the interconnection agreement, the site development plan, and installation.

To get started on your application, contact us here. You can reach us by phone at 661-491-5111 or by email at commercial@greenconvergence.com.


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